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How it works? Booking a Wizard is like having a picnic.

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If the magic fails, you’ll get 100% money back and we’ll advise you who could help you better.

What can we do?

Anything Tech

Just anything about yours and your Dad’s Computer. We can handle Robots too.

Helping Startups

Too small to have your own IT Department? Trying to expand and having doubts what will suit you the best? 

We’d love to help you grow.


We dig consulting Startups, Small and Medium sized Businesses.

From IT Infrastructure, Security and Network Design to Cloud Computing and Web Optimization. And all that stuff in-between.



What about … taking it easy?

Is your current IT department overloaded? Let them do what matters and off-load your lower priority tasks to us.

How much does it cost? IT is finally affordable!


Your time is super valuable. Solving IT problems can be tedious and time consuming. Unless you are one of our Wizards, you have other important things to do.

Here’s an idea: let us resolve the problems for you. We evaluate each of your issues individually and put a price on it. You only pay per successfully resolved case. Yay!

Our Goal

Our ambition is for you to feel like having your own IT team, whenever & wherever you need them. You pay per use only.

We want to have our Wizard reaching out to you from the crowd when an incorrect audio setup jeopardises your dj set.

We want to be there to help you when your Excel gets buggy while you’re finishing a critical report on the plane.

(No offence Microsoft, but Excel sometimes does that)

Trusted IT Professionals

Our Wizards are seasoned Tech gurus. We know the price of technology in your area and offer you a competitive price. We provide you with an enterprise-grade transparency and speed.

If we are unable to give your price a Tag – this happens with bigger projects – we send you a quote instead and individually discuss payment conditions.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Also, if we are not able to help you out on time, above all we are truly sorry. Nevertheless, we’ll try to point you to the right direction and wish you good luck. Of course, you’ll get your money back.

On-site Support

We always try to resolve your issues remotely. This way we spare your time and money. However, often the nature of the problem requires someone to come over and help you on-site. In case we have no Wizards available in your area, we’ll hook you up with a suitable third-party service centre.

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With our basic business account you get free membership, enterprise-grade SLA response times suited to your needs, and we’ll donate part of our margin to sustainability projects in your area. Wait, does that count as a win-win-win?

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We are passionate about making Technology work for you.

Ever wanted to work from the beach, while travelling the world, or just having a solid hustle aside your day job?

We encourage freedom, diversity, sustainability, health and using less email. Our Wizards are independent, compassionate, responsible, self-motivated, outgoing and good pals with Technology.

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