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  • Ideal for companies that are about to start or just started. Focus is on speed and long-term goals. For teams with up to 10 users.

    • We build your IT infrastructure
    • IT support 5 days a week
    • Remote & on-site support
    • JIRA ticketing
    • Charged per minute

  • Robust Team

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  • Growing teams need more careful attention. Focus is on steady growth and hassle-free Technology. Get in touch for a tailored quote.


    • Full stack IT management
    • Fast response support team
    • Wizardbot ♥ for your Slack
    • Knowledge base
    • Dedicated account management
    • Proactive systems monitoring
    • Unlimited users

Features explained

We build your IT infrastructure

We’ll draft the best IT infrastructure to kick off your business. In case you have IT processes already in place, we will revise and improve them to match your business goals. Everything is securely documented.

Our frequent projects include

  • Web domain acquisition and set up
  • WordPress website development
  • Productivity tools, emails, on-line storage and latest communication tools – tailoring and deployment
  • Latest hardware – Macs, PCs, servers, phones, contracts – consulting and configuration
  • Lightning fast Internet connection including full Wireless coverage and secure Guest networks
  • Project management system advisory, we love JIRA Core and Trello!
  • Key access system for the office, our customers like Salto key systems
  • Development team – sourcing and project management
  • Office equipment – from printers and vacuum cleaning robots to surveillance systems
  • Security and back up solutions – hardening, deployment, monitoring and penetration proofing
  • Website search engines optimisation and performance
IT Support 5 days a week

Our Wizards are available to you 5 days a week, from 9am to 6pm. In case you try to reach us outside the business hours, we will record your request and get back to you when we are available again.

Remote & on-site support

We prefer remote support, it’s faster and it saves money to everyone. Remote means that one of our Wizards connects to your computer or infrastructure remotely while communicating with you over the phone or chat.

However, sometimes issues need us to come help you on-site. In such cases, we add travel costs to the total amount. Don’t worry, you will get to confirm our price quote up front.

Full stack IT management

Full stack IT management is best described as having a full spectrum of IT finesse at your disposal – our Wizards are seasoned IT supporters, developers, managers and CTOs. This way, you can come to us with requests requiring any level of expertise. Our Wizards put their heads together, lit up purifying candles and design the best suited solution for you.

You don’t really need us sitting in your office consuming valuable resources. But when the time comes, we are always there for you.

For a detailed cost comparison of in-house versus outsourced IT, we recommend you to scroll down and have a look at the section “How do we compare to having your own Tech team?”

Wizardbot for your Slack

If your team uses Slack (we highly recommend that), you will get our nerdy Wizardbot to help you out with many IT related tasks. The bot can check the health of your internal services and apps that are crucial for your team. It’s also getting smarter as we work hard on expanding its capabilities.

Knowledge base

Having all your processes well documented is fundamental. This applies to all parts of your business. If you lose a CV in your hiring process or a client’s contract, that can be excused. Losing access to your data, web server or finance software could jeopardise a whole team’s operation.

Also, when someone leaves your team, business critical information about how things were done leave often with them.

We document every IT process, system or device you are using and store it securely with us. Employees come and go, we stay.

JIRA Ticketing

JIRA is an amazing companion for our clients and our Wizards. We provide your team with a top notch help desk portal to submit or check the status of their tickets. Also we will tailor the system to your needs, so if you want to approve your team’s tickets first or keep notifications to minimum, we’re game.

Unlimited users

Right on! We don’t limit the number of users, computers, robots or spaceships you would like us to manage.

Charged per minute

Whatever we do to resolve your request will get charged per minute. We don’t charge you for our lunch time, breaks or sabbatical leave. We hit the timer only when we buckle down.

Fast response support team

We understand urgencies. When something takes the wrong turn and your business operation depends on it, you want to have a Superman logo suddenly rip through your assistant’s shirt. Having Robust Team plan gives you the certainty that our Wizards will be assisting you in 30 minutes after you submit your urgent request.

Dedicated account management

If people already know you and your team, you get better experience and it’s easier to collaborate. Although we try to be as peculiar as possible across all our plans, only with our Robust Team plan you will get the most custom tailored experience while having your dedicated account management that you can have a good cry with.

Proactive systems monitoring

Also with our Robust Team plan we try to predict fires and IT earthquakes by checking and updating your systems on a regular basis. You won’t be charged our hourly rate for this. It is an underrated feature that even some big corporates fail to address and then hit the headlines later. We believe that every team deserves to have a smooth operation and as little hiccups as possible. We design a hassle-free IT infrastructure.

How do we compare to having your own Tech team?

With Book a Wizard you can generally count with 50% savings compared to your in-house IT staff or outsourced consultants. Our clients are invoiced anywhere between €400 to €1.800 per month on average.

We achieve this discounted rate by designing a hassle-free IT infrastructure that does not require a perpetual maintenance. Also, we stay independent from big Technology houses that often dictate own terms and products, rather than focusing primarily on customer’s needs.

  • cost of in-house IT staff

  • cost of Book a Wizard

* The monthly cost is a cost of IT staff for a business model of a non-technology company. Technology companies have the cost of IT staff in average 3 times higher (all numbers are approximate amounts in € and apply to the region of Berlin, Germany)