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Small business – less than 50 employees
  • Corona-Help

  • 0/h
  • First 3 hours/month of free IT support. Then standard price of €89/h
  • IT checkup

  • 0
  • We review your current IT setup and give you a free non-binding consultation for you to see if there’s anything to be fixed or improved.
  • IT Help-Desk

  • 89/h
  • Our team of Wizards takes care of your team’s daily IT struggles. Magic included.
  • Website maintenance

  • 89/h
  • Does your website seem unstable, slow and vulnerable? We fix the bugs, secure your data and make your site looking neat on all modern devices.
  • Documentation

  • 89/h
  • We document every IT process, system or device you are using and store it securely and up-to-date with us. Employees come and go, we stay.
  • Security checkup

  • 120 /h
  • We measure the pulse on the security of your IT. The outcome is a detailed report of the current state and suggested improvements ordered by priority.
Mid & large-size business
  • IT checkup

  • 0
  • We review your current IT setup and give you a free non-binding consultation for you to see if there’s anything to be fixed or improved.
  • Custom IT-Service

  • We build a tailored all-around service that fits your needs.
  • Interim CTO

  • We’ll provide you with a seasoned CTO or a Tech Lead to build and oversee your roadmaps, establish key partnerships and help you lift and scale.
  • Consulting

  • Get in touch if you need to get a second opinion. Or the first one!


What can we do?

Anything Tech

Just anything about yours and your Dad’s Computer. We can handle Robots too.

Helping Startups

Too small to have your own IT Department? Trying to expand and having doubts what will suit you the best? 

We’d love to help you grow.


We dig consulting Startups, Small and Medium sized Businesses.

From IT Infrastructure, Security and Network Design to Cloud Computing and Web Optimization. And all that stuff in-between.



What about … taking it easy?

Is your current IT department overloaded? Let them do what matters and off-load your lower priority tasks to us.

Our values.

Friendly Technology

Technology can be quite overwhelming. We give you a clear picture on what your options are and make sure you understand them.

Transparent Cost

Whatever we do to resolve your request will get charged per minute. We don’t charge you for our lunch time, breaks or sabbatical leave. We hit the timer only when we buckle down. On our invoice you’ll get a clear overview on what was done and when.

With bigger projects – we first send you a quote so you know what to expect.

Our Goal

Our ambition is for you to feel like having your own IT team, whenever & wherever you need them. You pay per use only.

We want to have our Wizard reaching out to you from the crowd when an incorrect audio setup jeopardises your dj set.

We want to be there to help you when your Excel gets buggy while you’re finishing a critical report on the plane.

(No offence Microsoft, but Excel sometimes does that)

Independent Advice

We don’t partner with big Corps to get cuts on selling their products that we then need to sell on to you, no matter if you need them or not. Our advice stays independent and we aim to find the best fitting solution; it just takes a bit more time to figure out what you need, but it’s totally worth it.

Trusted IT Professionals

Our Wizards are seasoned Tech gurus. We know the price of technology in your area and offer you a competitive price. We provide you with an enterprise-grade transparency and speed.

Give Back

Book-a-Wizard is part of 1% for the Planet to help fund diverse environmental organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.

Become one of us!

We are passionate about making Technology work for you.

Ever wanted to work from the beach, while travelling the world, or just having a solid hustle aside your day job?

We encourage freedom, diversity, sustainability, health and using less email. Our Wizards are independent, compassionate, responsible, self-motivated, outgoing and good pals with Technology.

Does your DNA match?

People seem to ♥ our Wizards.